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How Every Space Sends a Message

Most people don’t think a law office really needs branding. But I sure do! You see, in obvious or subliminal ways, every space reflects a message, whether it’s your entryway, bedroom or even powder room.

And in the case of a business, that message should represent the values and focus of the company.

Here’s the reception area of Yamamoto Caliboso, a progressive law firm that specializes in energy, natural resources, real estate and regulatory law. When I was asked to do the interior decor for their office several years ago, the space was partially remodeled with gray slate floors and lots of glass and chrome. It felt modern and progressive, but at the same time, cold. My first question was, “You deal in energy and natural resources. So where’s the energy and natural resources?!”


I immediately felt we had some work to do. One of my first priorities was to warm things up and bring in some life and greenery. So between the entry doors and reception desk, I placed a modern monkeypod console table.


That brought in an organic warmth, but what made this entry unique and interesting was my version of a green wall above the table. Supported by thin, curving 12-inch metal arms, a series of glass test tubes hold various types of foliage. I placed these in an organic arrangement so it almost looks like they’re blowing in the wind.

Now when you enter the glass doors, you immediately sense the law firm’s focus: It celebrates the natural resources of the islands, but in its own way. There’s wood, water, metal and greenery, all in the one installation that welcomes you. Many of the compliments the firm gets from clients are about this distinctive greeting.

So do you see why even a law office needs branding? Next week I’ll share with you a few more photos from Yamamoto Caliboso’s reception area so you can see how the branding comes full circle.

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