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Decorative Plants are the Real Deal

Can you tell the difference? Which is the fake air plant — the one on the left or the right?

In my last column about this hot decor trend, I gave you tips from an expert on how to care for your air plants. While I’ve incorporated them in home and office designs — and in my own home — I have unintentionally killed a few. Air plants are pretty low maintenance, but they do need proper selection, conditions and care.

Which brings me to today’s quick tip: You can decorate with fake air plants!


Whenever possible I like to use real plants, but when a space is not ideal for them, it’s nice to have a backup. At craft stores, flower shops and discount retailers, you can find artificial versions that look like the real thing.


So if you guessed the fake air plant was the one on the right, then you’re right! I bought these and other varieties of fake air plants and succulents, placed them in modern white vessels and hung them in a grid pattern at the end of a corridor in a law office that


I recently designed and decorated. Because this area doesn’t get enough light and the design would be difficult to water, my fakes turned out to be the real deal!

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